Pramisa House Homestay

Warm host who loves to laugh, traditional wooden home with wraparound terrace, cute dog

Meet Your Hosts

Norsyangmo Tamang
Guests of Norsyangmo are in for a treat! She is a lively, animated host who loves to laugh and doesn't let language be a barrier. Guests enjoy the private comfort of her traditional wood house, complete with colorful carved accents and a wraparound terrace. Her cute, one-eyed Pomeranian provides entertainment and snuggles, and the large living room is great for groups.
Guests: Up to 2
Languages Spoken: Nepali
Children in home? No

What to Expect


2 private rooms, 2 single beds, 1 single mattress, new traditional wood construction


Learn to sew traditional Tamang hats, Cook Nepali foods like Dhido (nettle soup), Tend to the Organic vegetable garden and harvest Himalayan beans, Trek the terraced hillside to help graze the cattle


Private Room with lock, Private House, Terrace, Electricity, Outdoor Seating, Mountain Views, Gas Stove, TV

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